Monday, 29 April 2013



Work officially began on my project 'The Plight of the Fishermen'. On Saturday 20th April I arrived in Carlisle with a few hitches due to 'great British' rail delays, meaning there was no transport to my intended destination of Hillside Farm, I opted for a cheap Bed and breakfast in Carlisle instead. Meaning I was able to spend a rainy Sunday exploring the historic Carlisle and working on final research before I made my way to Whitehaven. Hillside farm proved to be the perfect solitary refinement needed to complete what seems to be tons of university work. A little farm located in Boustead Hill, I managed to have a whole twelve barn bunk to myself as no one else was booked in, the marshes outside looked over to the mountains of Scotland. Cue a Sunday afternoon spent studying and walking on the Marshes. The next step was to make my way towards Whitehaven, getting the bus back to Carlisle and then on the adjoining train to Whitehaven. The little one carriage train passes right past the sea, past wind farms, power stations, rural settlements, and the land, an eerily beautiful journey. 

The next week is still a bit of a blur right now, I spent four days in Whitehaven before making my way to Portsmouth on Friday and back to London life on Saturday. From the help of several amazing people at Whitehaven who helped me and introduced me to several fishermen. I was able to interview Celia Chief executive of the Whitehaven FLAG scheme, of which there are six across England; Devon, Hastings, Cornwall, Whitehaven, Bridlington and Norfolk. My main findings from the trip accompany my exhibition prints in the form of a Booklet. I have decided to complete a entire project on the FLAG system across England to get a fair and clear idea of the impact of decline in the fishing industry and what is being done to aid this. 

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