Saturday, 18 May 2013

Inspiration in Wick

Having spent a week in Orkney shooting my project, I was recommended to take a small detour along the way to Wick heritage museum. Wick itself is located in the north of Scotland and has an interesting fishing history itself albeit slightly different from what I'm looking at with my current project.

The musuem is a treasure trove of photographs, digitised from
Daguerreotypes and glass plates to create a photographic gallery, there are albums and albums of photographs of Wick creating a interesting and in depth historical and anthropological study of the Town.

The museum has a depth if knowledge about the herring industry, Wicks history and the photographs of Alexander Johnston, and his son who followed in his footsteps. Depicting an important part of the fishing industries history and arguably the best collection of photographs on the subject itself for that matter. If you're lucky ( like i was) there are some very helpful volunteers who will tell happily answer any questions you have and even take you onto one of the surviving herring boats, the Isabella Fortuna, 1888, and give you a tour of the boat.

Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone (sorry for poor quality iPhone photos here on the road still!) ( note: all photographs are property of wick heritage museum)

Location:Castle Road,Inverness,United Kingdom

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